Currently in Mumbai. Nervous to go outside, given the news (Bin Laden Dead, President Obama Says), nervous to stay inside, discovered bedbugs in Stephanie’s mattress—she has 30+ bites on her forearms! 262 bites all over her body!!!


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Eeeeps! Not Bedbugs!

also, wow JDubs, did you set your WP blog for local time? neat


I was going to try and contact you, to make sure you’re okay, given that you’re in that part of the world and there are travel warnings. Glad you’re okay. Maybe want to lay low.

Sucks. Keep safe, you guys.

JS, yep, every time we move to a new timezone, I update my blog settings so the post dates are relative to the time where I am. Right now it’s funny because India is offset from pacific time by 10 hours and 30 minutes.

Speaking of “updating” I just updated this “post” now that we were able to do a thorough inventory of Stephanie’s bites. It isn’t pretty. 262! Not sure how I got off with only 2 or 3 (that I can tell). Different bed, I guess.

And here I thought myself lucky to go to New York City and back with no bedbugs hitching a ride to North Carolina.