Glimpse of a glacier

It was beautiful on Sunday. Almost completely clear skies. After breakfast we drove to Fox Glacier and hiked up the glacier view trail. It was awesome to walk through a rainforest and emerge in a giant valley full of moving ice. Even more awesome is the fact that it’s usually rainy, cloudy, or foggy here, and we were getting the chance to see the glacier against blue skies. After we’d taken the trail as far as it was safe to go without a guide, we headed back to the car and continued up the road to the township of Franz Josef. Given the promise of good weather the next day, we scheduled a full-day, guided glacier hike at Fox’s glacial sibling. Then we settled down for lunch—and I had my first New Zealand whitebait: a sort of omelette made with little minnows.

Turquoise pool in front of Fox Glacier
Turquoise pool in front of Fox Glacier
Looking down the valley carved by Fox Glacier
Looking back at the valley carved by Fox Glacier (which was filled with ice less than 100 years ago)
A view of Fox River emerging from Fox Glacier, from the end of the glacier view trail
As close as we could get to Fox Glacier
New Zealand whitebait
The whitebait patties have eyes!!! (tasty, tasty eyes)



I am dead jealous of you guys!! Also, i’m still missing you two at the office :) xoxo rukshan


I’m always impressed by what you do, what you see…..! New Zealand is a very beautiful country exept the weather Ok ! Ok ! Ok ! Justin thanks you soo much for sharing all the photos and the details of what you do; I’m very happy for you and stéphanie because you realize your dreams. Wonderful !!!!! Enjoy every second and I send to you many kisses. Love and take care of yourself !

Rukshan, then definitely skip my next post. Miss you too!

Chris, so glad you continue to enjoy reading about our adventure. It gives me reason to keep posting.


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