No scurvy on this ship

We are currently at 15° 11′ 42.28″ S 143° 24′ 50.25″ W.

A few months ago Jonathan and Stacey gave us a jar of orange marmalade—homemade with oranges from a tree in their backyard—to ward off the scurvy we’d risk by traveling the seven seas on a container ship.

It traveled with us by car to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, Big Bend, and Austin.

It traveled with us by train to New Orleans, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

It traveled with us by container ship to Savannah, Cartagena, and Panama.

This is one well-traveled marmalade.

Stacey's orange marmalade on the Cap Cleveland
Stacey’s orange marmalade on the Cap Cleveland

To sustain us as we head into our fourth week on the ship, we finally had it for breakfast this morning, on the bridge, as the ship heeled a dramatic (to us) 7-8° degrees over the swells.

Thanks J & S!


Whoah, that’s our marmalade! That’s so sweet of your guys, lugging that halfway across the globe. Reminds me of the traveling gnomes: send in a picture of your marmalade on vacation, get a free t-shirt!

Hopefully the consistency of this batch was up to Stacey’s exacting standards. She’s having some Meyer Lemon Marmalade this morning.

The gnome idea occurred to me too—on the ship. Too late, the marmalade’s all gone. ;)


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