Federated Memories

Friday was my last day at Federated Media. How can I sum up four years of memories? I’m not sure I really have the words right now. So I decided to dig back into the photo archive, primarily Flickr, and post a few of my favs. If I’m leaving out any obvious winners, please post a link in the comments. Enjoy.

Justin grilling hot dogs in Sausalito
Grillin’ dogs in Sausalito (source)
Justin going low, under the limbo bar
Justin wins limbo! (source)
Trying to beat the heat in Sausalito with: Ice Cream Day!
Ice Cream Day! (source)
Justin hulaing in Sausalito
Hula Contest (source)
Tech Lunch at Gaylords
Tech Lunch at Gaylords (source, see also: Town Hall, Gott’s/Taylors)
Crowdfire!!! (source)
Justin junk-in-a-box Halloween
Halloween (source)
Box of Onions
Box of onions :( (source)

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Fantastic memories :)

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