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Federated MediaIt must be a tight job market when the creator of PHP is trying to lure PHP developers to Yahoo, but if you’d rather work on a small team for an awesome startup supporting bloggers, Federated Media is also hiring PHP developers. Come work with me, Andre, Andy, Jonathan, and Ivan on the future of publishing!

Interested, but want to know more? Feel free to leave questions in the comments or send me an email.

I’d be remiss not to mention we fire up the grill for lunch sometimes. Like today.

Grilling for lunch at Federated Media


ooh. I am jealous. I was probably only 10 feet away but stuck in meetings all day! Mmm… looks delicious.

We keep meaning to do a tech makes lunch day but we’re still perfecting our grilling technique. Oh, and if you know an PHP developers who like to grill…

Google Adsense link on this post when you come in from the outside: Journalists Coddle Porn

I don’t know PHP, but I do like to eat food other people grill.


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