I’m famous! (on a Brazilian futebol site)

Can you guess where?

Torcedor Personalizado webpage screenshot

Look closer…

Torcedor Personalizado website t-shirt with QR Code

Closer still…

Torcedor Personalizado website t-shirt with QR Code up close

Yup, another website has used my QR Code in a product demo (previously: I’m famous in a random MeeGo demo). Just goes to show that the fidelity of a QR code holds up pretty well even after being shrunk down to 70px wide, rotated, colored green, displayed on an LCD screen, and captured by an iPhone camera.

iPhone QR Code reader, reading the Torcedor Personalizado website t-shirt

The website belongs to a Brazilian company called Torcedor Personalizado (Custom Fan) which is apparently selling t-shirts emblazoned with a custom QR Code to coincide with the World Cup. Here’s a line-by-line translation of the homepage graphics:

Desperte a curiosidade de todos nesta copa!
Awaken the curiosity of everyone in this cup!

Convide seus amigos e faça sua camiseta de torcedor apaixonado por futebol.
Invite your friends and make your shirt from passionate fan of football.

Crie uma mensagem que será personalizada com QR Code. Para ler o código basta tirar uma foto com um celular que contenha um leitor de QR Code.
Create a message that will be personalized with QR Code. To read the code simply take a picture with a cell containing a QR Code reader.

Instale o leitor em seu celular, clique aqui, é grátis.
Install the reader on your mobile, click here, it’s free.

Fazendo sua camiseta, você poderá fazer parte de nossa rede de torcedores
Making his shirt, you can join our network of supporters

Wait. Why does that QR Code go to justinsomnia.org?

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