The gift of homemade bacon

Last night, Kyle brought us an unexpected gift: his homemade, almond-wood smoked bacon. We’ve previously enjoyed the fruits of his smoker in the form of hot-smoked salmon (not to mention ribs on multiple occasions). Now the word on the street is that he’ll soon have some air-cured salami in the works. Apparently we have Michael Ruhlman to thank for his bounty.

This morning I took the slab out of its vacuum-sealed package, sliced it, fried it, and enjoyed it with scrambled eggs and english muffins. Compared to other bacon I’ve had, Kyle’s was meatier, and tasted like really good barbecue. Too bad it’s all gone.

Kyle's bacon: slab
Kyle's bacon: sliced
Kyle's bacon: skillet
Kyle's bacon: strips

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btw, we’ve started smoking, too. first, nc pork bbq, and yesterday, tx brisket. difficult, long, and delicious.


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