Homemade Holidays

I think that’s going to be a pretty strong theme this year. Or a growing one. It reminds me of some thoughts I had on surplus not long ago. Surplus raw ingredients are a great motivator to make things that preserve their value, and surplus made-things are a great source of gifts. “I have extra of something, let me share it with you.”

The nice thing about it is how little thought has to go into it. If I’m in the habit of making things now and again, possibly a little more than I need at once, giving something homemade (or handmade) seems to transcend any need that the gift “fit” the recipient. It’s just a gift. A symbol of care.

All that to say, we got a very simple and unexpected gift from Joy and Kyle the other day (delivered to San Francisco by Marcia): some salmon that they smoked themselves. We ate half of it yesterday night with salad and some cheese. And I can easily say it’s the best we’ve ever had. Mild, moist, superdelicious. Thanks!

Smoked salmon from Joy and Kyle
Home-smoked salmon


Hurrah! We’re happy you liked the salmon. Happy holidays.

Joy – That was the best smoked salmon I’ve ever had! It was not dry, it was not dyed bright orange and it was not too salty. Seriously delicious! Now I want to smoke a Gouda in your smoker… and possibly other cheeses :-)


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