San Francisco through the Bay Bridge at sunset

San Francisco at sunset seen through the Bay Bridge
Stephanie took this on the way home from Yosemite and Mono Lake



Interesting shot. It looks like she took it off a film screen because of the deep blackness of the bridge’s horizontal supports. How did she take it without any blurriness from you driving along?

Yeah you’re right, it does kind of look like you’re looking at a movie screen at an angle. As far as the lack of blurriness, the luckiest bit is that she managed to get a shot through the frequent vertical cables that hold up the road as we were driving along at 50mph.


Dang what good timing. How many times did she try? I know what it is like with you driving and me taking shots out the window, I had plenty of blurry shots on my spring break. I did like the drive-by tourism feel of the pictures though.

Well, it’s a little easier with the new camera. She managed to pull off about 5 decent shots. This is just the one I liked the best.


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