The new camera weight

The primary reason that I held off on purchasing a DSLR for so long was the weight. So I was curious. With the battery and the DA 35mm lens, how much does this hunk of camera weigh?

Pentax K-7 with the DA 35mm Macro Limited lens on a kitchen scale

Two pounds and 3 ounces! Just shy of one kilogram. By comparison, my Ricoh GR Digital II is a svelte 7 ounces (200g). Suffice it to say, I’ve begun to explore the the world of camera straps.

Already I’ve learned a few things. I don’t like having the strap around my neck with two pounds of camera bouncing against my chest. Slinging it across my right side so the lens is slightly in front looks a lot better and locks the camera in place. The problem is that the strap that came with the body has nonslip velvet on the inside, making it difficult to slide the camera up to take a picture without taking my whole shirt with it.

Given how much I like my little Timbuk2 bag, I’m thinking that their replacement 2 inch shoulder strap might be the perfect across-the-body strap. All I’d need are some larger keyrings to accommodate the chunky carabiner-style clips on the end of the strap. What I like about having the carabiner attachment points is that I can easily remove the neck strap altogether for more active shooting.

That said I’d still like to have some kind of wrist anchor, mostly insurance in case of accidental droppage. On a whim I picked up a wrist grip strap, thinking that it would be perfect solution. But after some practice I discovered that it just gets in the way of how I naturally hold the camera to support its weight. Something in the style of this adjustable wrist strap is probably my favorite—I’d just want one that I’d be reasonably sure could withstand the force of 2 pounds accidentally falling out of my hands.

Update, Sep 4, 2009: Ok, these are a little girlie, but I have to say, PhatStraps are the best looking camera wrist straps for a DSLR that I’ve seen so far. Bonus: handmade, available on Etsy.

PhatStraps artful camera straps


I like my simple OpTech strap. The key thing is it’s stretchy neoprene, so it distributes the weight comfortably. Also the buckle system is nice; you can quickly detach the main strap and reconnect a shorter one. I think the strap I have is this one:

Also, when shopping for lenses pay attention to weight. A lot of the better lenses are really heavy. I ended up getting a Tamron 28-75 as my everyday lens because it was half the weight of Canon’s equivalent. (Great lens, btw, and seems to be available with a Pentax mount.)

Shoot I can’t find it right now, but a year or so ago I was looking at straps and grew really fond of this three point sling type strap that I saw. Basically it’s like these gun ones. I would post a camera one but all I can find right now are sling backpacks. The nice thing about these is that it distributes the weight off your neck and also the camera is easily kept at your side.

The R-Strap is what I was thinking about.

Some good discussion there on it’s use and people’s opinions, this other site has another ‘cheaper’ version

DanGarion – Wow that R-Strap looks awesome!!

Justin, I’d be an aching mess of neck problems without the harness system for my binoculars. It works with cameras, too. Relieves your neck and keeps your equipment snug against your body, not bouncing around, for hiking ‘n stuff.

Oh wait, here’s a link for that harness:

Wow, such passion for straps.

Nelson, after returning the wrist grip strap to Discount Camera in San Francisco (I went just cause it happened to be on my way home) I discovered that they offer store credit only. So I might just have to pick up an OpTech strap, cause I’m not sure that there’s much else I’m going to be able to find there that I want for $32.

Re: lens weight, yeah definitely part of the attraction to Pentax are their stable of lightweight pancake primes. The 35mm Macro is really the beefiest of the bunch.

Dan, I neglected to mention it, but I stumbled upon this post for making your own 12€ Camera Strap, which introduced me to the concept of the Black Rapid R-Strap. I don’t know, I tend to think a nice messenger bag-style length of flat nylon webbing would do just the trick.

Terrie, thanks for the link, definitely something else to consider, especially since most of the “serious” photography I do tends to happen while hiking.

After putting it off for some time, I actually just purchased the quick draw strap from that Roger Moore guy. Figure it’s worth a shot, my Canon Rebel XTi wears out my neck, and I can’t even imagine how worse it will be when I get one of the full size DSLRs.

Dan, just curious, have you put your XTi + whatever lens you have on their most often on the kitchen scale?

Actually no I haven’t, I do that when I get home and see what the weight is. I usually just use the lens that came with it. I’ll link the picture on here for you to see. ;)

I am all about Crumpler Industry Disgrace straps… Considering my gripped 5dmk2 + 70-200 + flash is over 3 kilos… its comfortable for 4-8 hours of walk around :)

Nick, so happy I’ve only got one kilo to lug around…

Shoot, I know I say XTi, I actually meant XT.

But to answer the question… 1 3/4 pounds.

Ha, Dan, love the background. Kitchen scale indeed. I was just curious to see how the Rebel’s compared weight-wise. Good to know I’m lugging around an extra half-pound.

Good evening, Justin! I just sumbled onto your blog here while checking out my search visibility on google. What a small world. I sell custom camera straps on etsy also, only not so girlie, and I have quite a good collection. Stop in and check them out! They are longer in length to relieve some of the pain from our heavier cameras. I usually have a long lenz on my canon, and I have a battery grip, so I don’t ever carry that thing around my neck anymore! Anyway, check it out here:


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