Hydroponic basil

hydroponic basil

We picked up some fresh basil from the Farmers Market almost two weeks ago, stuck it in a glass of water, and it grew roots!


Haha I wouldn’t call that hydroponic–just a common way to propagate plants. Next time, try lemon grass.

What you have done is rooted the basil in water. If you left them in there without getting other hydroponic equipment, the roots would rot and so would the basil. But go ahead and try to grow it in there and tell me how it goes. :P

Ha yeah. I’ve changed the water. Manual hydroponics? So far the basil leaves seem pretty fresh. It’s been 2 weeks…

Hello! What happened to your basil. Did they thrive in water?

I tried a similar approach. I bought a pack of basil from Landmark. My results were not as good as yours though. They all just rotted in the water.

Sometimes I wonder if there was just something in the water. I did the same with another bunch of basil recently, and they stayed fresh for a few days, but never sprouted roots.

Maybe if the basil was refrigerated, it won’t root. I was so hopeful since there were a lot of stems in that pack.


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