Giant Goose Eggs

I saw these goose eggs at the Harley Farms Cheese Shop last weekend, and I just couldn’t pass them up. We got a half dozen for $20. Apparently geese lay an egg every three days, and only for a few months out of the year. Which makes sense, because they’re big—between two to three times the size of a chicken egg.

Goose egg vs chicken egg

The yolk is humongous.

Goose egg cracked open

So far we’ve cooked them up in an omelette and scrambled. One goose egg makes a pretty big omelette. The taste was similar to chicken eggs, maybe a little grassier, with an airy texture


The doctor told a friend of my father’s that his cholesterol was way too high. He ordered him to cut most of the cholesterol out of his diet. This included limiting the amount of eggs he could every week to no more than two.

So he started making sandwiches out of turkey eggs.

Rooker, when I find a turkey egg, I’ll try one.


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