Taxpayer grievances

Even though I could certainly afford to have someone help me do my taxes, I feel very strongly that I should not be forced by the government to pay someone to help me figure out how much I owe government. That and I consider myself a pretty sharp guy. This year though…I’m getting close.

What I really dislike about taxes is how they treat people like Turing machines. Add lines 1 through 3. Subtract line 5 from line 4. Multiply line 10 by 25% (.25) and enter the smaller of the result or line 7 above. Or my personal favorite thus far:

Are you filing Schedule A? If No: Skip lines 1 through 3; enter on line 4 the amount from Form 1040, line 38, minus the total of (a) any amount from Form 8914, line 2, and (b) if you are claiming the standard deduction, any amount from line 6 of the Standard Deduction Worksheet on page 35. Then go to line 5.

A sphincter says what? I literally had to go fill out another worksheet just to level up.

It’s worse than watching TV. I can feel myself getting dumber by the minute, obediently entering numbers I don’t understand, for reasons they don’t explain, trying to remember which line on which form the number I’m calculating refers back to. All the while I’m thinking to myself, why doesn’t a computer just do this for me!

Anyway, here are some examples of the tax fun I’m looking forward to this week:



Give up and use turbotax online…it does it for you for around $65 and it will file everything for you electronically.

Da Bull

I too feel your pain, but I have succumbed to the pressure to spend money to manage my tax situation: Quicken Home and Business and TurboTax. The former helps me track incoming and outgoing for the year, which comes in handy for tax planning in December. The latter is good for doing filling out the forms, but also came in useful in December for estimating taxes (based on data imported from the former.) I too am contemplating farming out the entire process next year but the time I spend getting all documents together for the tax professional, I could just do it myself.


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