Blasts from the past

Back when I used to reserve my blog solely for personal communication, I hand coded some separate HTML documents related to my job and my grad school classes. Though both they and I have aged since then, I’ve wanted to absorb them back into my blog (much like my photo galleries) for posterity’s sake.

The one I still refer back to is my Essential Database Naming Conventions (and Style). For some reason I’ve always been into naming conventions, and still am—as the folks at work can attest. I added “updates” in a few places to point out what I do differently now. I’ve been using a “lite” version of this at work, perhaps it’s worth a 2.0 post?

State Transition Diagram for the CRUUD model was an attempt to document the work I was doing building user-interfaces on top of Microsoft Access for my job with the MEASURE Evaluation project. It’s the type of thing that’s fairly self-evident, if not quaint, but I like visual artifacts it contains.

Lastly I wrote Query Rosetta Stone to help some classmates translate between SQL and the anachronistic “relational algebra” for a databases class assignment.

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