Cheeses of the Mediterranean

After Stephanie and I took a Cheese and Olive Oil class and I took a Local Cheese and Beer class at the Cheese School of San Francisco last fall, we decided to sign up for another 2 classes during their winter “semester”. They’re just too much fun, like a two hour long, prix fixe cheese course with wine.

Cheese School of San Francisco entrance

The latest was on Saturday, from 2-4, which was a nice change of pace from the evening classes. It was led by Michele Buster, a cheese importer who works with small local producers in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. She brought a bunch of cheeses that she herself has imported, including a number that she named for the US market. So not all of them may yet be readily available at Cheese Plus or Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco. But keep an eye out!

Cheeses of the Mediterranean

Starting at 12 o’clock and going around clockwise:

  1. Aragones, cow’s milk
  2. Montegrappa, cow’s milk
  3. Cacio di Roma, sheep’s milk*
  4. Palhais, goat’s milk*
  5. Leonora, goat’s milk*
  6. MitiCapra Valtellina, goat’s milk
  7. Torta de la Serena, sheep’s milk
  8. MitiBleu, sheep’s milk
  9. Fulvi Pecorina Romano, sheep’s milk

I marked my favorites with an asterisk.

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