New street name hastily commemorated in San Francisco

This morning Stephanie offered to take me into work on her Vespa (I usually walk down Pine) to catch the inauguration—they were going to be projecting it in one of the bigger conference rooms at work. Half asleep, and hanging onto her as she wove through city traffic, I noticed that someone had plastered “OBAMA” over a street sign, and it looked like a city worker was about to take it down. “That’s so San Francisco” I thought. Mostly I appreciated that they’d used the right font.

Then, stopped at a light somewhere down in the Financial District, I saw another street sign had been renamed “OBAMA”. No way! Somehow I had enough time to pull out my cellphone and snap this picture before Stephanie took off.

San Francisco's Bush Street renamed OBAMA

During the day, I noticed that Boing Boing had posted about it, but I didn’t really read the post, I was kind of busy. At least I figured there’d be better pics than mine. All I really read was that it was “changed along its entire length” and I thought, “Wow, that must have taken some serious advanced planning,” and “How did they not get caught?!”

It wasn’t until we were scooting back home that it finally hit me:


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