Locavore’s Cheese and Beer

Here are some pics from my latest cheese class, Locavore‘s Cheese and Beer. The Cheese School of San Francisco could become a dangerous delicious habit.

The SF Cheese School classroom
The “classroom”
Locavore's cheese
Local cheese

Starting at 12 o’clock and going around clockwise:

  1. Delice de la Vallee (made by our instructor, Sheana Davis)
  2. Andante Dairy, Pianoforte
  3. Bellwether Farms, San Andreas*
  4. Harley Farms, Tomato Basil Torte
  5. La Clarine Farm, Sierra Mountain Tomme
  6. Matos Cheese Factory, St. George*
  7. Redwood Hill Farm, Gravenstein Gold
  8. Vella Cheese Co, Mezzo Secco
  9. Cowgirl Creamery, Red Hawk*

I marked my favorites with an asterisk. Definitely going to have to hit up Cheese Plus with a list. So lucky it’s within walking distance.


If you’ve never tried the Cowgirl Creamery Mount Tam I recommend that you do so at your earliest convenience. Yum!! Glad to hear the Red Hawk is good, too. I might have to branch out.

Ha! We’ve actually bought the Mount Tam twice from the Ferry Building. It really is yummy! So I guess he was branching out when he had the Red Hawk. Makes me wanna go cheese shopping!

OMG, that’s the nastiest cheese pr0n ever. I. Am. So. Hungry.


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