A project and the big move

It must be pretty bad when your dad asks if everything is ok, because you haven’t been posting as frequently to your blog. No big secret, just been busy. Mostly I’ve been trying to focus on a project at night which sort of eats up the time I would otherwise be blogging—and it puts my head in a decidedly non-bloggy space. I made some good progress tonight, so I thought I’d take a break.

Nothing top secret there either. Just a lil’ photo gallery web app to replace the venerable Gallery. Something I’ve been meaning to work on forEVER. Just finally had a flash of inspiration on the particular quirky angle I wanted to take, and the feeling of technical prowess that I could actually approach a project like that from scratch. God, is it ever hard starting from scratch. I have a newfound appreciation for web frameworks (like Rails and Django) even though I’m not using one (or trying to write my own).

It’s probably also true that I sort of burned myself out trying to move all my data to my newer but heavier laptop. Oh well, now I’m just eagerly awaiting my new X200 to arrive, to replace both of my laptops.

Surprisingly big life change coming up on Monday: I’ll be working in San Francisco! Monday is Federated Media’s first official day in our new location, which kind of feels like a combination between moving to a new city and starting a new job. It’s definitely a significant upgrade in both respects. And I’ll also be leaving Sausalito behind, the place I’ve worked for the last two years and two months. In particular, my commute will change from a 8 mile, somewhat harrowing journey over the Golden Gate Bridge on my Vespa every day to a less than 2 mile walk/bike/scoot through the city. I’m totally stoked.

Walking map from home to FM's new location at 2 Harrison Street
Did you notice Google Maps finally added “Walking directions”? From our apartment they estimate that it will take 36 minutes by foot. I’m actually looking forward to building a little physical activity into my daily routine. And some new lunch options

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