Hills Bros. Coffee

Sometime in August I’m told this will become Federated Media’s new San Francisco Headquarters. Not the whole building, just the 6th floor—the set-back part you can see peeking out from beneath the giant Hills Bros. Coffee sign.

Hills Bros Coffee sign and tower
The Hills Bros. Coffee sign and tower

As you can imagine, most everyone is ecstatic. For me this will be the first time that I’m both living and working in the city, which is one of the primary reasons people live in cities in the first place. My awesome 8 mile commute over the Golden Gate Bridge every day will become an even awesomer 2 mile commute through downtown SF toward the Ferry Building.

And oh, by the way, yesterday marked my second anniversary at Federated Media. Something that really struck me about this is that FM also turned 3 in June—which means I’ve worked here for 2 of the 3 years it’s existed. I’m like part of the old guard or something. When I started there were less than 15 employees. Now I don’t even know how many of us there are, 60? 70? And growing…

Update: We’ve moved, we’ve moved! I work in an office. In the city. OMG.

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