How to mount a parking permit sticker on a scooter

I think I may have found a solution to my pressing aesthetic dilemma: where to put a residential parking permit sticker on a Vespa?

It’s called an inspection plate—useful in states (unlike California) that require an annual inspection sticker displayed on your vehicle. Or in my case, a parking permit. There are several varieties and locations for mounting the plate on motorcycles, but I think this one looks the best on scooters:

black motorcycle inspection sticker plate

I ordered it this morning from J&P Cycles for only $2.99—of course shipping and handling brought the total to just over $11 and they wouldn’t let me ship it to my work address, but whatever.

Will post photos when it arrives.

Update (September 10, 2007): Woo-hoo, it arrived, just as I expected. No more living in fear of the man. Immediately broke out the toolbox and installed it between the license plate mount and the license plate.

Inspection sticker plate installed, with San Francisco parking permit

Good news is, the thing is diminutive. A half inch of the sticker is hiding under the plate—the self-obvious part that says “Motorcycle Parking Permit.” But it also meant I couldn’t use the license plate frame that Vespa SF so kindly put on my bike after having it serviced. Guess it’s time to order another accessory.

Here’s how it looks in full.

Inspection sticker plate installed, with San Francisco parking permit


Feel free to if you found this useful.


That’s a nice way to display a permit. Where I work it wouldn’t be allowed. They have specific expectations on where the permit should go. On my GTS is has to appear on the front cowling on the right side—approximating where the front fork on a motorcycle would be.

If I want to use the parking garage that has an auto gate trigger then I have to mount a complicated thing somewhere.

Luckily I can park in a space next to my office and don’t need that.

For now I am piling up stickers for parking and PA State Inspection on the Vespa….

Steve, you’d think for a scooter they could deal with a permit on the back. Oh well.

Checked out your blog, made me laugh out loud, all that Vespa Porn. Beautiful photos. Vespa in the snow, I can’t believe it!


I had to put my parking decal on the left rear of my scooter– ’62 VNB that I restored myself. No way. I fixed the sticker to a magnet and slapped that on there every morning when I parked. I even had an officer look it over; he said that using a magnet was understandable and fine.

Maybe my cheap method might be an option for anyone who’s required to fixed the permit in a specific place.

I would think something like this would be available at any well-stocked motorcycle accessory place. Or if you’re handy, you could fabricate something like it…


This is an old post, but it definitely came in handy for me today when I was trying to figure out how to deal with 2010 SF parking permits. The inspection plates are still available, and still $2.99. Thanks!

dhooks01, wonderful to hear that. not only is the inspection plate useful, but it looks great too!


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