Dear Geek Squad/Best Buy,

Geek Squad, Wireless AwarenessIn order to make your marketing campaign go viral, it would help if you made some images from your strange Wireless Awareness parody more readily bloggable than the tiny image above that I had to crop from a screenshot of one of your banner ads.

Yours truly,
Justin of Justinsomnia

Update: paydirt!

Geek Squad, Wireless Awareness ribbon

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Dear Geek Squad/Best Buy,

It would also help your cause if your employees were not getting a reputation for being creepy and violating people’s privacy by doing stuff like videoing clients in the shower and apparently systematically stealing pr0n off clients’ computers. I now see your vans around and thing Creep Squad or Peek Squad instead of Geek Squad. Pity, because until this stuff started coming out, the really liked the idea of a Geek Squad coming to rescue my computer from distress. Alas. I’ll have to keep bugging my coworkers in ibiblio. :-p



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