UNC, lookin’ good

Common knowledge to those of you in Chapel Hill, but for everyone else, here are three glimpses of Carolina. On Saturday Stephanie and I walked through campus after lunch with Christy and Patrick. We started at the post office and headed towards Old West. Got drinks from the Old Well and then walked around South Building for the expansive view of Polk Place.

UNC Campus's Polk Place, looking towards Wilson Library

From there we walked through the quad past Manning Hall, where I spent 2+ years at SILS.

UNC Campus's Manning Hall, home of the School of Information and Library Science (SILS)

We walked past the Undergraduate Library, through the Pit, and into a very swankily redesigned Student Stores. Detail I loved the most: the new escalators (remember that old giant staircase?) have carolina blue rubber hand-holds.

We walked past Davis Library towards my first undergraduate dorm, Grimes, then through Coker Arboretum.

A flower in UNC Campus's Coker Arborteum

From there we walked past Spencer, where I lived for the last three years of undergrad, and finally to the Morehead Planetarium’s sundial before returning to our car.



i hope you are aware that there are no people in those photos.


I read your post too late to do lunch! Crimony.

I hate hate hate those escalators in student stores. They are only wide enough for one person, and of course everyone stops walking when they get on a stairway/walkway that is moving (i’ll never understand this) so it takes longer than ever to get up the to the second floor.

They hide the stairwells very well, but I know they are there because once, during construction, everyone had to use them.

But yes, the hand-holds are very spirited.

LOVE the pictures of UNC…my dear alma mater….I just wrote an entry/poem about that place and I started surfing around looking at cool images to play ‘remember when’ and ran across your blog.

Dawn, glad you enjoyed the photos. It’s funny, I’ll be back in Chapel Hill this coming July, for another wedding. Hopefully the weather will be as pleasant as it was three years ago.

For some more photos, here is Chapel Hill in Fall, Winter, and best of all, Spring.

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