Tomorrow I’ll be in North Carolina for one day only

Tonight I’m flying to North Carolina with Stephanie to attend the wedding of friends Abe and Kathleen in Carrboro on Saturday night. We’ll be flying home Sunday afternoon. I think this is probably the craziest, shortest trip I’ve ever taken. Oh no, there was that one time I secretly flew from San Diego to San Francisco and then back the next day (before flying home to NC) to interview at O’Reilly. Anyway…

So we should get in in-time for lunch, which I’d like to have at Carrburritos. In the area and feel like dropping by? Curious to hear about living in San Francisco, working in Sausalito, and/or riding Vespas over the Golden Gate Bridge? Well feel free to stop by. We should be there around 12:30pm.

And if for some unexpected reason our schedule is delayed, fear not, at least you’ll have a nice lunch.

Update (7:15am eastern time): how about this for unexpected. Three hours into our flight to Washington National the captain gets on apologetically (cause we’re sleeping) to tell us that they think they see a fuel leak on the right side of the aircraft. Ugh. After consulting with all appropriate people one must consult with in the event that fuel is leaking out of your aircraft in-flight, a decision was made to make an emergency landing in Chicago. And so we landed in Chicago around 5am (3am San Francisco time) escorted by a cavalcade of fire engines with lights ablaze, who determined we weren’t at immediate risk of exploding, and so allowed us to proceed to the gate.

SO. We now are tired in Chicago. We are standing by on a flight to Raleigh that leaves at 6:28am (15 minutes from now) which miraculously would get us to RDU at 9:30am, earlier than our original arrival time. If we are not so lucky, then we are at least ticketed for a flight leaving at 10:50, getting into RDU at 1:50pm. Check back here for the latest.

Update (7:20am eastern time): OMG! We are getting on this flight. See you at Carrburritos!!!!


Ruby says Carrburritos is closed on Sunday. :) We’d love to see you. How ever shortly.

that :) should have been a :(

But tomorrow is Saturday! :)

Updates updates, read all about it!!!


When was the last time you took an uninterrupted flight?


unbelievable, ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE, there’s got to be someway that you can offer your ability at getting interrupted flights to one airline to jinks another airline.


i seem to remember an unexpected delay involving chicago and justin once before

We arrived safe and sound. Got into RDU an hour earlier than originally planned, though with considerably less in-flight sleep.

From that point on everything has been very smooth. The Hertz shuttle bus pulled up just as we walked out of the airport, there was no line at the Hertz desk, we were able to check into the hotel early (I’d made a note about an early arrival), and we both immediately went to bed for a little over an hour, before groggily heading out to meet up with Patrick and Christy for lunch.

What a time!

I just ran into you at Open Eye!

Corey, ha, it was good to see you, if even for a few seconds :)

Sorry, I got bad information from Brian (see below) and missed seeing you at Carrburritos yesterday. :-(

Hope you had a great trip!

C’est pas grave, I have designs to visit sometime again, with a little more time for casual visits, possibly in early December.


What a shame, I haven’t checked out your blog in a while so I missed the chance to see you in Carrboro (I was in Raleigh that day). I live near Chicago now!

What a coincidence! No worries, it was a very very quick trip. Ha, we’ve been in Chicago lately, though not for very long and not on the best of terms. You’ve given us reason to try again.

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