The obligatory plate of North Carolina barbecue

For lunch on Sunday, Christy and Patrick agreed (without much arm-twisting) to accompany us out to a very important meal: North Carolina barbecue.

It was looking a little hairy for a moment when I discovered that my first choice, the excellent Barbecue Joint on Weaver Dairy Road was closed Sundays. It was they who catered me and Patrick’s joint birthday extravaganza back in 2004 (NSFV).

Allen and Son, not my favorite, but the closest location on The NC Barbecue Society Historic Trail was also closed.

So some quick googling brought up Bon’s Home Cookin’ which I’d only been to a time or two because they were located way out in Carrboro Plaza. But now they’re at University Square right in downtown Chapel Hill. Oh and they’re open till 3pm on Sunday.

It was a little silly that they don’t offer BBQ sandwiches on Sundays (no worries, I’m happy to order a plate), and I got some grief asking for pulled pork and not chopped pork as they list it on their menu, but that didn’t make it taste any less good.

North Carolina barbecue at Bon's Home Cookin' in Chapel Hill

Christy, Stephanie, and I all got chopped pork plates with a variety of sides, Patrick had fried chicken with some barbecue. Stephanie loved the hushpuppies. We went through two baskets. It’d be deadly with this place directly across the street from where I used to work.

The weather was incredibly beautiful and warm, so we walked to Carrboro, gave our respects to the Weave (trying to be good neighbors and all) and then headed back down Franklin Street to cool off at LocoPops. Lo and behold it was getting on 3pm (our flight was at 5), so we walked back to the car (bumped into Tim, Todd, and Niamh on the way), and said our goodbyes.

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