oh, the carnage! vegetarians look away!

yesterday, in a battle of oneupmanship with a previous bbq birthday, patrick and i combined forces (and birthdays) to throw a pig pickin’ that can only be truly appreciated in pictures.

jonathan, from The Barbecue Joint, unveiled the pig and poured on sauce, eastern NC style, natch.

jonathon from the barbecue joint pours on bbq sauce
saucing the pig

after a few awkward moments of “now what do we do?”, jesse picked up a knife and started hacking away while rebecca, robin, and the rest of us looked on in various states of “shock and awe”.

the pig becomes barbeque
pig becomes barbecue

people lined up for sides, which included baked cheese grits, corn bread, grilled asparagus, cole slaw, icebox pickles, beer baked beans, and even more barbecue!

people line up for sides
aftermath of a pig pickin'
the aftermath
picking apart the remains of the pig
pickin’ apart the carcass—just like thanksgiving, except with pig



All I can say is unbelieveable. Somehow I picture this whole thing back in the middle ages – Large mugs of mead, jousting, eating pig with your fingers, stuff like that.

actually it was just like that, except not so much jousting.

if i’m in NC next november, i’d definitely consider throwing a thanksgiving pig pickin’ for friends and family.


It was such a happy time….next year, make sure your birthday falls on a saturday. but it was lovely, like a dream I might have had.

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