If I had $49,066…

There are three transportation devices I covet. The first, a Vespa, I now actually own. I believe I first became Vespa-aware after discovering a vintage Vespa repair-shop-cum-art-gallery in Carrboro, NC while looking for an apartment before grad school.

The second is a Smart Car. The first one I saw upclose was in Frankfurt airport, filled with Toblerone chocolates. Apparently they’re arriving in the US, finally, at the beginning of 2008. Before buying a Vespa was even a figment of my imagination, I paid $99 to reserve a Smart Car before they become widely available. Now that Stephanie and I both have scooters I’m not sure a Smart Car is necessary. Then again, I saw one a few weeks ago (advertising some cosmetics) that was so cute and so small.

Finally, if I had $49,066 and a place to put it, I’d get an Airstream Trailer, which apparently one can now get outfitted by DWR. How totally cool is that?

Airstream trailer, outfitted by DWR

I wonder if I could hitch it to a Smart Car?



omg, that thing is HOTT!!

Man. That would be nice to live in. So petite!

The Airstream is too heavy to be pulled by the Smart car. There are trailers that can be pulled by a Smart car. One is the Rascal by Go Little Guy. Another is a Time Out trailer. Check out the trailer section of the Smart Car Of America forum.


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