L’Arc et Quick

I think we were at the Louvre from 10 til 5. Most of that time on our feet except for a late lunch at a cafe in the museum.

When we got back to the hotel, we didn’t emerge until about 9. Stephanie’s wanted to stop by a FNAC, France’s version of Best Buy, to scope out the latest tunes—if they were still open. Turns out their Champs-Élysées location closed at midnight, giving us a reason (and enough time) to go check out the Arc de Triomphe.

L'Arc de Triomphe at night
L’Arc de Triomphe at night
L'Arc de Triomphe, upskirt
The obligatory Arc de Triomphe, upskirt

It cost something like 8€ a person to climb the 284 steps to the top. We debated the cost for a moment. Oh what the heck, we’re on vacation.

Looking up the Arc de Triomphe's 284 step spiral staircase
Looking up the Arc de Triomphe’s spiral staircase

The view at the top of course was stunning, the Eiffel Tour was all lit up, with a lighthouse like spotlight cycling around the top. Here’s my best attempt, sans tripod.

La Tour Eiffel at night
La Tour Eiffel at night

Afterwards we took a break from our high culinary pursuits for something a little more pedestrian: French fast food at Quick.

After seeing an advertisement in Cannes for a sandwich that looked like two burgers fused together, I knew I HAD to have it. Thankfully Stephanie was game. I got the Double Effect! Beef, she had the Double Effect! Chicken, and we both tried their version of fried cheese—which happened to be fried chevre. Only in France.

Quick's Double Effect! Chicken and Beef sandwiches
Quick’s Double Effect! Chicken and Beef


great pics i accually just got back from a trip there (paris) and it is soo cool to see pics where u were! its like I WAS THERE!


sono tornata in italia il 18 settembre dopo 3 settimane a Parigi stupenda merafigliosa mi sembrava di vivere in un sogno in cui mi sono svegliata il 18 settembre..voglio assolutamente ritornarci in futuro!!..


thanks I actually used this photo for a homework assignment crossing my fingers i get an A+


My name is the same as yours and i have also left my home work to the last minute like ‘person’
Thank you for the information I hope you are a reliable source. If not, then thats not very nice. Nice buuuuurgers


Love the pictures! they are pretty fantastic! I was in Europe in mid June. The tour group that i was in, we weren’t able to stop and at the Arch.. but we did get to do by a drive by of it after we were in the Louvre.

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