La pizza Française

We’d purchased TGV tickets to Avignon for 10am Tuesday morning, back when we were planning the trip, based on the assumption we’d have three solid days in Paris, not a day and a half. But our hotel only had rooms with twin beds available for the night, and purchasing new TGV tickets for the following day cost around 75€ each, compared to the 30 we’d already paid (and would be throwing away to leave later).

So… we decided to suck it up and get to the Gare de Lyon on Tuesday morning after a very short time in Paris. I was a little exhausted from being up early and out late the night before, so I dozed off shortly after the train reached top speed. Vacations are hard work!

Two and a half hours later we were in Avignon, with two minutes to get off the train and let the new passengers on. First thoughts: the soil beneath the grass was limestone white like in Texas. And it was very windy! We took a bus from the TGV Gare d’Avignon outside the city, to the historic city center, and quickly decided on a nearby hotel.

TGV route from Paris to Avignon

After a brief respite, we went out in search of food, which turned out to be pizza at a place I think was called Brasserie des Arts. I was very excited about eating French pizza in France, having attempted a rendition based on Stephanie’s memory on several occasions.

I learned that most French pizzerias offer a standard selection of pizzas with the same names (and similar toppings) from place to place. So I had the La Reine, which had ham and mushrooms and Stephanie had the 4 Saisons (seasons), which had artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and olives. They were excellent, even better with a few drops of hot pepper olive oil.

French pizza in Avignon


france sounds delicious!

Vacations *are* hard work! I often need a vacation from my vacation.

i have loved following your france blog posts, i can’t wait to go back, while there i had a pizza with cheese and ham that came with a fried egg on the top, seemed weird but it tasted wonderful

took a closer look at the pizza listings you linked and i’m talking about the royale pizza without the mushrooms, of course it sounds like you’ve been eating mushrooms so i’d recommend you try that one or any one with an ‘ouef’ on it

Joy, we were hoping that would be the case, so we planned to arrive back in SF this Friday (giving us a weekend to recover), but because our departing itinerary got delayed by two days (originally), the airline offered to extend the return trip two days, so now we return Sunday night!

michael, actually I may have had a Royale one night by accident, or perhaps it was a Reine avec oeufs. In any case, there was a fried egg, right in the center.

Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention about french pizza: it doesn’t come pre-sliced. It’s up to you to slice with a fork and knife.


My mom and I had a pizza and it had an egg on it too- the only difference is that the egg was mostly raw! Was it supposed to be fried? Maybe we should have taken it back…At any rate we didn’t eat it…we were grossed out.

Keri, nope the egg is supposed to be raw though when you crack it over a hot pizza, it does start took cook a little.


thanks Justin – interesting I must say! It didn’t look cooked at all but then again I didn’t try it. Next time!!

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