small orange roses

small orange roses

I like to buy a bunch of flowers when I get groceries. It usually costs $6-8, which seemed like a waste at first, but after a while, it’s really nice having a bunch of flowers in a vase, which in my case happens to be a pitcher from Mark Hewitt.

It doesn’t even have to be an arrangement, most of the time I just get the same type of flower. Which is usually cheaper, and I think, looks nicer.



Those are some pretty flowers justin…good taste…do they look better in person than in the photo(this photo is top-notch)? It is a beautiful picture that you took. Enjoy your flowers, like I am enjoying the snow.


dude, i’ve started doing that too. I love it. it just helps with one’s mood.

This is what I do with the money I am not spending on coffee each day.

csg, when I started this post I tried to draw a connection with the oft-quoted financial adviser parable of putting $5 a day into a savings account instead of into a grande latte. Reminds me of something I remember hearing on NPR I think, that the little things add up, but not really to that much, as compared to the big things people overspend on (cars, houses, etc). In any event, flowers.


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