I’d need a wide-angle lens to capture this apartment

I give you… the apartment. Or the photogenic living room at least.

Pine Street Apartment living room furnished

Looking towards the window

Pine Street Apartment living room furnished

Previously albeit unfurnishedly, A look inside the apartment, finally!



pretty spotless…good job, somebody. we put up pics of ours on flickr, and i can tell you, i was the cleaner on that one.


Very nice. More than enough room for an aerobed and a guest :)

Wow, Justin, it looks awesome. What an amazing place you guys have! Is it always that clean? If so, the next time you come to Austin can you come clean MY place? Thanks :)

Your things look so nice merged! I would like to see it in person!

In this case it was a combined effort, we had a little housewarming last Saturday which was just what we needed to get the place in shape.

What you don’t see is the bedroom to the right of the living room. Though equally lovely, it holds the desk and our shelves of stuff we don’t know what to do with.

I will come and look at that place tonight. It looks like adults live there.

There’s nothing like a housewarming party to make you whip your house into shape. I’ve found that having your in-laws visit has the same effect.

Last weekend housewarming, Tuesday night Patrick stayed over on his way to from North Carolina to Seattle, last night housewarming part II, and tomorrow night, Stephanie’s dad and Sabine spend the night. So yeah. This place is staying cleanish.


i like this all rooms, very nice


not very modern but nice and tidy but i would prefer my house (bigger)

Wow again!! I like the way you decorated your apartment, neat, nice and simple! Good job.


it’s so beautiful


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