sudo bang bang

Ha! This just occured to me:

sudo bang bang
Original comic from xkcd by Randall Munroe


Joe Ruby



I’m slow, but I finally got it. Thanks I learned something new. I’ve used bang number, but never bang bang before.

Comes in handy on Ubuntu which disables the root user by default. Bang dollar also very handy for substituting in the last argument of the previous command.

Even better than the original, I think :)


i dont get it

sudo monster

will someone explain thank you please.


Even better than the inside joke is the art work. The root of humor is a kernel of truth within the shell of experience.

bob smiley

Sudo !! (aka: “sudo bang bang”). Some Linux distros have you login as a user instead of an administrator. So, to do something admin-wise, you have to proceed the command with “sudo” (Super-User DO), which tells the system “you will do this, because I’m God and I said so.” The !! / bang-bang (! = bang) is basically a shortcut you can use to repeat the previous command. So, typical scenario is that you try a command, and it kicks back a message saying you have to be an admin to do that. So, you can either type “sudo ” to run that command as super-user/admin, or you can type “sudo !!” where !! tells the system to use the previous command that was attempted. The original XKCD comic had “make me a sandwich … sudo make me s sandwich”. Here, he used the “bang bang” as computer jargon to repeat the previous command that failed. And that, my friends, is TMI (too much information.)


Thank you bob smiley. That was so much funnier.once I read the explanation. Lol :)

Just occurred to me: the guy on the armchair should be holding a stick-figure gun.

Hi Justin!
I was writing a post about sudo bang bang and found your hilarious version of the xkcd comic. I put it on my post, linking to your blog of course. Hope it’s OK!

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