Going through some of my files tonight, I came across this New Orleans Times-Picayune Dining Guide from April 4, 2004 which I’ve held onto for two years. I thought the food photography for their gumbo article was gorgeous, and I’ve been meaning to scan it and share with the internet at large. Unfortunately I don’t have the whole article to photograph, and unlike my archive, the Times-Picayune’s online archive encompasses a mere 14 days. But I do have the photos.

Not only do I love the immaculate presentation of this seafood gumbo—especially the way the crab legs break the circle of the bowl—I also think the graphic design and layout of the cover is excellent.

Front of the Lagniappe's Dining from the New Orleans Times-Picayune

Inside it gets better. Photographer Eliot Kamenitz took 20 more photos of gumbo from restaurants around New Orleans and arranged them together in a grid, in part to show how varied each chef’s version of gumbo is.

A gumbo of gumbos, from article entitled 'A Bowl of Wonder' in the Lagniappe's Dining from the New Orleans Times-Picayune

The caption reads: A Gumbo of Gumbos Top Row: Prejean’s in Lafayette, Fay’s Takeout and Honey Whip Donuts in Gretna, New Orleans Grill, Luizza’s at the Track. Second Row: Gumbo Shop, Palace Cafe, Brigsten’s, Dooky Chase’s. Third Row: Joe’s Restaurant in Livonia, Gabrielle, Herbsaint, Rainey’s in Algiers. Fourth Row: Commander’s Palace, K-Paul’s, Robin’s in Henderson, Nola. Fifth Row: Crabby J’s in Arabi, Liuzza’s, Mr. B’s Bistro, Wolfe’s of New Orleans.


Why you always wanna make me hungry, Watt?

Cause that’s how I get down.




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