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I was watching Fight Club again recently, a movie I quite enjoy, and one thing rang somewhat false to me.

None of the characters were Hispanic. Or Latinx. Or BIPOC. 🤦🏻🤦🏼🤦🏽🤦🏾🤦🏿

Fight Club screencap



that dude on the right looks sorta hispanic, j

I think it’s the black wig he’s wearing. I’ll do some research.

Is Fight Club the movie set on the West Coast? If so, they did totally drop the ball on that.

Fight Club is set in any American city. It doesn’t matter. Of course there weren’t any Hispanics in the film; it was created by Hollywood. Tyler Durden could be Hispanic…you never know.

Were any of them Asian or Black? Maybe Fincher was making a statement with his casting that nihilism is a White condition.

Just kidding! Can you tell I was a communications major who studied this movie in school? It’s one of my favorites.

Investigate, Justin!

There are theories that the movie takes place in the midwest somewhere. There’s some state that has favorable tax laws for credit card companies so a lot fo their headquarters are there. I want to say it’s Kansas, but I could be wrong. *spoiler* Since they blow up all the credit card HQs at the end of the film, I’d say it’s as good a guess as any. */spoiler*


That movie is awesome with some excellent quotes. Mostly I like the third-person narrative, Jack.

I’m Jack’s complete lack of surprise.


I thought it was supposed to be based in future America when The Manifesto of the Communist Party is in the process of achieving the purposes of their programs?


FIRST OF ALL FAVORITE movie…secondly if you pay close enough attention, and you make good inferrences you can make out that it takes place in Delaware not Kansas!!!
Thirdly how can Tyler be hispanic?… he’s a figment of Jack’s imagenation!

Jack would most likely think up someone the same race as himself

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