Hot Russian River Action

On Sunday Stephanie and I made it out to the Russian River (my first time) to do a little afternoon paddling. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in a kayak, but I can only remember ever being in a canoe out on Wappinger Lake when I lived in Poughkeepsie.

We arrived at River’s Edge Kayak and Canoe Trips in Healdsburg around 2, pretty much at the last moment possible to start a 2-3 hour half day trip. Boarded their old-skool Blue Bird school bus and took it up to the launch point at Rio Lindo, which for the last mile went off-road, down a hill and through an apple orchard.

We used our life preservers as seat cushions (the Russian River is only knee to waist deep) brought along a cooler full of goodies, and began our long slow paddle down the meandering river. There were a few excellent moments one might call “rapids” where the river narrowed, changed directions, and dropped elevation, but for the most part it was a gentle, go-with-the-flow, stick your feet in the water kind of time.

I loved it.

Stephanie and Justin on the Russian River


It’s a good run, but if you ever have the time I recommend the full-day trip. Never really gets too crazy and well-worth the time spent.

You guys are almost too cute to look at. I’m so impressed at how you take full advantage of what this area has to offer!

Matt, I definitely would, but getting out of the house before noon on a weekend is, well, hard.

The next time we go out I hope we can coordinate with some other folks/canoes. I think there’s some event where hundreds of people float down the river in canoes and inner-tubes, drinking as they go, but I’m not sure what it’s called. I bet Terrie knows. I’m definitely up for that.

However I’ll have to make doubly sure my sunscreen applyer spreads it extra thick on those spots on my back that are a wee bit red today.

Leona, I don’t know what it is, but around here, every weekend seems to present the opportunity for a new adventure. If you like being outside.

Justin is always seizing opportunities. And yes, most adorable photo ever. Ever!

Well, you know my penchant for the beer and other alcohols. If and when you discover this mystery “river tubing,” count me in.


I work at Rivers Edge, and I recommend taking advantage of the river this year (IT WILL BE HIGHER THAN LAST YEAR) Peace Easy.

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