The Ubuntu trend

I recently wrote several lengthy blog posts on my experience installing Ubuntu on a Mini-ITX system:

Ubuntu logo
  1. Installing Ubuntu 5.10 on a mini-ITX VIA EPIA ME6000 (just for fun)
  2. Giving Ubuntu another go with Dapper Drake
  3. Ubuntu on a Mini-ITX, take 3
  4. Slowly chipping away at unknowns
  5. Ubuntu up and running!

My desire to do so was sparked by I’m not sure what. Mostly I needed a project.

Possibly it was that more and more bloggers (many of whom are software developers) have been somewhat casually describing Ubuntu as a viable open source alternative to Microsoft Windows (and Mac OS X).

Case in point, the recent discussion between Mark Pilgrim, John Gruber, and Tim Bray:

More often than not developers mention its surprising ease of use, apparently without it sacrificing any development capability. One normally doesn’t expect software developers to be on the vanguard of end-user usability—though the preponderance of Macs at tech conferences (especially O’Reilly conferences) and tech startups would seem to suggest otherwise.

So when the developers start saying that this is the non-Microsoft OS they’d install for their less computer savvy spouse/parent/child, as well as for themselves, it’s worth taking notice.

Also worth noting, friend and fellow Glitter Pony, Kyle Rankin, has co-authored a new book, Ubuntu Hacks, which just came out, though not in time for me to pick up a free copy at the office, as yesterday was my last day working at O’Reilly.

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