Marking Time

Today, May 9th, is an anniversary of sorts. One year ago I got in my car in Carrboro, North Carolina and started driving west. I had a final destination in mind (Santa Rosa) and a rough idea of when I needed to get there (to meet up with my stuff). I had a friend to stay with the first night (Melanie) and a stop I wanted to make along the way (Grand Canyon), but otherwise the trip was completely unscripted. I thought about this a few times today.

After work, Goli, Mark, and I went on a hike through Howarth and Spring Lake Park, and I snapped this nice shot of Spring Lake with my cell phone. It looks kind of dreamy to me, like I used some kind of deliberate soft filter.

Spring Lake as the sun descends in Santa Rosa, CA


First off…I am glad you liked that I gave your column on the religious nuts some attention. :) The picture of Spring Lake is really beautiful…good enough to frame. :) We go there ever once in a while and enjoy picnics, etc. Keep doing what you’re doing on this blog.


The more I look at this picture, I keep thinking that it’s quite remarkable, very painting-like. Keep up the excellent creative work.

Crazy thing is, that’s what it looks like around here. Those are the mountains just east of Santa Rosa. Oh yeah, and I took that picture with my cellphone.


It was nice reminiscing with you over the phone the other day. Take good care. (Nice picture quality for a cell phone!)

Glad you made the trip west. You’ve been, as far as I’m concerned, a most welcome addition to the greater Bay Area and possibly West Coast in its entirety.

Aww shucks! Thanks guys.

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