Blood Orange Juice

When I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while, I tend to stop at Andy’s Market in the morning to pick up a piece of fruit for breakfast. Recently they’ve had blood oranges, and there’s usually have one cut open, exposing their deep purple flesh. Friday morning I thought to myself, “Blood orange juice. I should make blood orange juice.” I just really liked the way it sounded. And I liked that it was different.

12 blood oranges and a juicer
A dozen blood oranges and a juicer
A blood orange cut open
A blood orange cut open
A blood orange close up
Blood orange close up
One juiced blood orange equals one quarter cup of juice
One blood orange equals 1/4 cup of juice
Two glasses of blood orange juice
The final product: two tall glasses of blood orange juice

It was delicioso! Fruity and sweet, not as tart as normal orange juice, very pulpy, but in a soft, smoothie sort of way. Evocative of raspberries. I highly recommend.



oh that’s gorgeous!! i love how blood oranges look, but I unfortunately don’t enjoy their flavor very much. Too bad, since they are so beautiful.


Two glasses? Did you enjoy it with a juice-partner


we got some blood oranges a few days ago–just ate them, though. I think it’s funny how some people don’t like to eat them because they are so realistically “bloody.”

You freakin’ rock!

Blood oranges are NUMMERS! That last photo, though, kinda looks like a crime scene there, Justin.

omg that’s gorgeous… yum


Blood orange juice by itself is pretty good. I do something of a mixture of various types of citrus juices:

6-8 naval oranges (preferably juicy ones)

1 grapefruit (preferably pink, but white will do)

1-2 blood oranges.

Juice and mix the juices together. The result is probably more than two servings, so refrigerate what’s left over.


I just saw The Barefoot Contessa,
Ina Garden – great name, eh? – use blood orange juice, triple sec and tequila to make margaritas on one of her Food Network shows. They looked fantastic.
I’ve also had blood orange sections in a mixed greens salad…delectable!


where can i buy blood orange juice in New york City?


We have recently bought a smallholding in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and we have about 7 of these blood orange trees. I had never hear about or seen blood oranges before. We have a problem selling them to the local Africans as they say they can catch HIV from them!

We are thoroughly enjoying them and have made juice with them and even home made marmalade.

A very novel idea, maybe I will try to make some sangria – the colour is definitely correct!

Lorna, wow. Thanks for writing all the way from South Africa!

Do blood oranges transmit HIV? is not one of the myths you typically hear about HIV. Funny though. Hopefully points to greater efforts being made toward the prevention of HIV in Africa.

I work for Dream Foods Intl. in CA and we sell organic blood orange juice in the US under the name Italian Volcano.

yvonne, heh, yeah, I just saw your blood orange juice at Trader’s Joes the other week. It wasn’t as bloody at the home-made stuff, but I should at least give it a try.


I love blood orange juice. I first had it in Italy where they have a huge abundance of it. I only wish I could find it here in the states. I never thought to make it myself; excellent idea!!

patrisha Kay

how funny to find your site just made fresh blood orange juice and googled to find out some nutritional info (who cares)…anyway..drank it straight and mixed with ginger beer (no alchol_…piece of lime…very tropical on a cold nyc day…

Hi, Justin. I ran across your blog while searching for blood orange juice recipes. I work at an organic juice company, so I get the juice for free and am always looking for good recipes. In case you’re interested in purchasing a bottle of blood orange juice, check out Italian Volcano, sold at Trader Joes and Whole Foods. It’s good stuff — makes GREAT cocktails.
Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

just came across your blog while looking up blood orange juice. I am a new fan of blood orange juice,freshly squeezed of course. For some reason I always feel that I’ve hit the jackpot everytime I make some,they’re soooooo deliciousssss!


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