View Source in Tab Bookmarklet

Holy cow, look what I just made! Drag this bookmarket to your toolbar and use it in Firefox to toggle between the view-source: pseudo-protocol and the rendered webpage.

View Source in Tab

Now if only I could associate a keyboard shortcut (thinking Ctrl+U) with this function, I’d be golden.

This post first appeared on From the Belly of the Beasts, a weblog from some of the people who build O’Reilly websites.


Here, have VSIT (, an extension that does much the same thing. But with a keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-Shift-U, since I couldn’t figure out how to kill the Ctrl-u event from hitting the view-source functionality of mozilla/firefox (grumble).

Josh, this is excellent. God I love the intarweb right now.

However…when I press ctrl+shift+u on WinXP FF 1.5, the extension fires correctly in the tab, but I also get a brand new window with the source of whatever is in the tab.


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