Saturday in the city

This may very well be the best picture I’ve ever taken of myself.

Justin sticking his head through fence at Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Yesterday Stephanie and I decided to get out of Santa Rosa and head down to the city. She’s been busy most weekends dancing in the musical Sweet Charity for the Santa Rosa Players, so we squeezed a short day trip in before her Saturday evening performance.

We got off 101 at the last southbound exit before crossing the bridge, and drove up a hill to a brilliant overlook (Battery Spencer) northwest of the Golden Gate with views of the Presido and the city in the distance. It was a cloudless December day, so the sun reflecting off the water cast the normally bright orange bridge in silhouette.

Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Spencer

From there we continued along a windy road through the Marin Headlands, stopping occasionally to appreciate the incredible views.

Golden Gate Bridge with container ship

In fact I had no idea you could travel so far west of the Golden Gate Bridge. I thought it was pretty much the end of the continent. Nope. It just keeps going.

San Francisco as seen through the Golden Gate Bridge

Of course from above you can see that the Marin Headlands (part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area) occupy quite a bit of open, undeveloped land west of the bridge.

Marin Headlands from above

We traveled all the way out to that spindly point in the lower left, which houses the Point Bonita Lighthouse, accessible only by footbridge (Note sign on right: Two Person Limit on Bridge 500lbs maximum).

Bridge to the Point Bonita Lighthouse

We didn’t actually make it into the city until about 2, heading towards Swan Oyster Depot on 1517 Polk Street for lunch, thanks to the effective search strategies of my dad. Swan rocks, but plan on a half hour wait for one of their 20+ counter stools.

Of course once we got in, copious crab was consumed (first weekend of the season), alongside some cold and hot smoked salmon—I can say I now know the difference. It was like 4:30 by the time we emerged, pleasantly full, but somewhat urgently in need of getting back to Santa Rosa for Stephanie’s premusical obligations. Luckily on the way to the bridge, she got a call, was off the hook for another hour, so we detoured west towards Ocean Beach chasing the impending sunset. We made it just in time.

Ocean Beach sunset

Last photo of the day, Stephanie, smiling.

Stephanie at Ocean Beach



Sounds like a wonderful outing. Happy Birthday, Justin.

Love the first and last photos.

You are so damn cute, Justin.

Keep it up. Reading your blog is the next best thing to living in Cali. Actually it’s better since I don’t want to move…

Best Justin photo ever!


Thanks for the pictures of Stephanie and you – too cute!

You went out all day with a pretty girl and came back with a great picture of yourself alone and some bridges. The impatient will never see the photo of her languishing at the bottom.

PS I met Ron Jeremy at a roller disco. Click my name to learn more!


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