Occidental Road Flooded

Since I’ve gotten phone calls and emails from as far away as Texas and Ohio (about the flooding in Northern California), I thought I’d go out and do a little citizen journalism.

This is what my way to work looks like as of this evening:

Occidental Road flooded by the Laguna de Santa Rosa
Occidental Road heading west towards Sebastopol just before Sanford Road (about 7 miles from my apartment)

And here’s a video showing the fuller extent of the flooded Laguna de Santa Rosa:

Occidental Road flooded


watch out for yourself dude

[…] Justin Watt aka justinsomnia has been keeping tabs on the flooding up in his neck of California — Sebastopol. In the meantime, it’s dry dry dry down in North Texas especially in Upshur Country where Sally’s family lives. Luckily for them the fires are still pretty far West and North of Gilmer […]

I might be swimming to work tomorrow, I’ve got no idea.


i’m ready for my digital camera now, please. awesome pictures.

I highly recommend the Canon SD series, I’ve got a 5 megapixel SD400 (goes for about $300), though they just revised it (the SD450) with a larger LCD screen for $50 extra.


does it snap the pics immediately, or is there a delay?

It’s pretty much immediate. Unless you’re taking a lot of flash pictures, where there tends to be a short flash recharge delay.

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