No more poison-oak!

On Sunday I made it back out to Annadel, freshly recovered from the poison-oak (if by recovered you mean large red swaths of new skin where the blistery rash used to be).

Along the Orchard Trail I found this manzanita tree with the richest maroon bark, and some interesting lichen and moss growth. I managed to get this shot which I especially like because of the shortened depth of field.

Moss on manzanita

Of course the next day, my “healed” poison-oak started itching around my ankles, either because a) I reinfected myself, b) the poison-oak has gone airborne c) my hiking socks are still tainted with urushiol d) or the lingering poison-oak in my body got all excited about being within a leg’s brush of its Toxicodendron brothers and sisters.

Luckily, no rash has yet developed, though I went right out and stocked up on Tecnu for the post-hike detox, Domeboro, and Benedryl. I’m thinking I’m going to throw away my hiking socks and put the Tecnu in the car. In the meantime, I’m just starting to deal with being a little itchy all the time.


after weeks where it seemed you’d never rid yourself of itching and hurt, it eventually disappears and you have a new appreciation for life. at least in my experience. :)

This is not the photo your fans have been clamoring for…

umm, what would you rather see? i kind of like how the focus has a pinhole camera kind of effect.


i work in the shit. im a wild land fire fighter. i no what it looks like cus of where i grue up. i was cuting a fire brake and i wa wareing my wild land NO-MEX fire long pants and shurt and wild land boots and still got it.


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