Weekend in North Carolina

This is going to be a nine minute blog post. Because it’s nine minutes before my bedtime.

I just got back from North Carolina, having spent Labor Day weekend there. Christy was in town from Seattle. There was a Hell Dance Party on Saturday night. I met up with Phill, my supervisor from Measure, and Susan, his wife. I had nachos at Carrburritos. I spent a day on the beach at Topsail Island. I had bonafide North Carolina barbecue at Bill’s in Wilson on the way home. We grilled out at the casa del Jefe y Abrohizzle. I had ice cream at the Maple View Farms store in Carrboro just before leaving for the airport today.

Oop. Times up. I’ll write more later.

Update: the day by day blow by blow (in progress):
Chapel Hill Saturday
Chapel Hill Sunday
Chapel Hill Sunday



I’m just wondering, as someone learning spanish, if that would be del jefe? or what?

quite right. correction made.

Wow, that’s alotta eatin’!


Bummer! I’m so disappointed that I missed you! Next time, definitely drop an email and I will pull folks together for a little Franklin Street outing in your honor! I hope it was a great visit. It sounds like you definitely hit some of the high points food-wise, at any rate.

Oh Melissa, I’m sorry I missed you. It would have been nice to swing by the office, but I was only really there over the long weekend. I’m not sure when I’ll be back–maybe sometime in the next spring.


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