Chapel Hill Sunday

I imagine only waking up after an late wedding reception would be worse than the morning after a Hell dance party. Something about the combination of hungover dehydration and muscle fatigue makes for quite the array of otherworldly sensations. Mostly pain.

Nonetheless we (Jane, Patrick, Christy, and I) proceeded with our plans to visit the beach. It was a beautiful September day, and we drove down to Topsail Island, just north of Wilmington. The water was warm, the waves not too rough, and an occasional cloud kept the sun from constantly glaring down.

After a few hours we packed up and headed towards Wilson, NC for some barbecue. That meant country roads most of the way, and after some difficulty finding a place, we made it to Bill’s a half hour before closing. Not only did they have a full buffet of all the fixins and sides, but there was an actual pulled pig laid out, head and all. Which you might remember I’ve had some experience with.

We got back home pretty late, met up with Abe who’d returned that afternoon, and watched the Layer Cake on their kick ass projection screen home theater setup.

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