Chapel Hill Monday

Monday morning I met up with Alice at the Weave, and we walked down to Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe, another one of my homey Chapel Hill favs. Especially the breakfast counter. We talked up a storm per usual. After breakfast we hiked around campus, checking out all the new buildings that have popped up in just the last 3 years (since I was an undergrad). We spent some nice time sitting across from the Undergraduate Library watching all the kids go by.

Afterwards, Jane and I went to lunch at Carrburritos, sharing our standard chicken nachos with guacamole (and a preemptive side of chips). We took the rest of the afternoon pretty easy, made some sangria for the evening, did some other chores and errands. After a full day of travel on Sunday we just wanted to take it easy.

Around 5 we met back up with folks in Carrboro for a labor day barbecue hosted by Patrick and Abe. Everyone that I’d seen previously through the haze of Hell showed up for some expertly grilled burgers, homemade mac and cheese, chips, and beer. Conversation was our typically funny, self-referential loop of inside jokes and quips. About what I really couldn’t say, though I seem to remember something about colostomy bags.

As it got late the crowd dwindled—most everyone had some form of work or classes in the morning. Eventually it was just the core of us, Jane, Christy, Patrick, Abe and myself. I’m not sure how it started, but we very quickly become embroiled in a rousing discussion about intelligent design and states rights. We helped clean up, and I barely made it through an episode of Sharpe’s Rifles that Patrick had put on. I was bushed.

Tuesday was a travel day, my flight left shortly after 3, Christy’s an hour later, which meant we really only had enough time to do some last minute chores and of course get some ice cream at Maple View Farms in Carrboro. The weather was just lovely, so we sat outside at Weaver Street, this time with Chloe who’d spent the weekend with friends. When it was time to go, Jane drove me to the airport. And I was off.

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