carrboro to asheville

imagine a reality tv show where someone traveled across the country and people could suggest things to do. and the person would do them.

well, that’s pretty much what i’m up to. except via blog. i’ve got no hard and fast plan, just some waypoints. the first is I-40 west from carrboro, nc to flagstaff, az. my goal tonight is to visit melanie in clarksville, tn just north of nashville and spend the night.

right now i’m in asheville, nc for lunch. and i’m trying to remember this isn’t a race. i got so into the reefer madness book on cd that i nearly passed asheville by, despite the grumblings of an empty stomach.

carrboro to asheville map

so i stopped in at the blue spiral 1 gallery as suggested by phill. had lunch at mamacitas because it was nearby. and i walked nary a block before stumbling upon a “free wireless internet” sign in a cafe window. rock!

i’ll be getting back on the road shortly after posting this, but if you have suggestions for things to do, see or eat, between here and memphis, leave a comment.

next leg: asheville to clarksville


Well I think you just passed out my range of expertise, but I’ll keep it in mind…


dude, glad the book is engaging…


Let’s see some pictures from this road trip!


Have a safe trip and phone us along the way…

Deb, years past but still with fond memories of the Grand Canyon and still blogging. In fact I was almost thinking about going back this weekend.

Anyway, hope you (and your children) enjoyed the pictures. It sounds like you know more about the strange plant than I do. Looking back at the photo, I’m wondering whether it’s just the “flower” of the spiky cactus/bush below?

Deborah Linne

I know you’re years past this, but was just looking at your GC hike photos, showing my kids. Did you ever find out what the weird, tall plant was? I’m from NM and we call it a “century plant.”
Cool blog!
Deb, now in FL


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