6 linear feet…

…to hold most of my earthly possessions

boxes in the abf u-pack truck

yesterday i started loading things into the trailer. today i took everything i’d put neatly along one side and started packing it as tightly as i could along the back, trying not to use more than my alloted 6 linear feet. the trailer is about 8′ wide and 10′ tall which means all my stuff should fit into 480 cubic feet of space.

notice the red 6 marked off at the top right. 6 linear feet is not as much space as you’d think, considering the trailer is 28′ long.

large things still not in this picture:



So will you be headed this way?

Hello. I was looking for pictures of what the inside of my 6′ POD would look like and so I came across your blog by way of Google. I’m curious. Did you use more than your 6′? Because now, I’m worried….

Kelley, it definitely helped that it was 10′ tall, as I stacked as much as I could up to the ceiling. I think in the end I used about 7′ linear feet—but it was marginal, so they didn’t charge me extra for it or anything.


let me tell you something, i’ve worked for abf, inside the trailer is 8 1/2′ tall, not ten!!

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