update from out west

so the important news is, on thursday morning i signed a lease for the apartment in santa rosa.

apartment building in santa rosa

it’s on the second floor, in the middle, 1 bedroom, kitchen with all the appliances, dining area, living room, closet with washer/dryer. i’m pleased. it’s walking distance to downtown santa rosa, the mall, and the historic railroad square, which jane and i explored this afternoon.

we went looking for lunch, strolled passed and in a few shops before stopping at syrah bistro. we began with a flight of syrah’s and sweet potato “chips” sliced paper thin. then we shared a mixed green salad presented in a “bowl” of cucumbers sliced the long way. our main course was the seafood special (aka “Something From The Sea, Lake, or Stream”), shrimp, dungeness crab, and scallops on top of spaghetti in a light cream sauce with bits of asparagus and peas. dessert for me was three scoops of handchurned ice cream (coffee, banana rum, and vanilla) and a chocolate-mascarpone cheesecake for jane. suffice it to say it was superb—and a terrific find. two hours later we emerged and drove around santa rosa feeling pleasantly full.

update: 360° video in front of apartment complex
Santa Rosa apartment building




i always notice when people say “out west”, the contrast being “back east”.


Congrats !!! This place looks nice and sounds like it’s in a wonderful area :)


There’s a rumor going around that you have a movie of the inside of the apartment. Where is it?

no movie of the inside, i just did a quick walk-through because the apartment is currently occupied. but i’ve got a movie walking around the outside…


OK, and where might the link to the outside movie be?

So, you’re moving to CA?

added a link to the video, but be patient, it’s very large. obviously i’ve got to start taking videos at a more web-friendly resolution. and get some video editing software. anyone have any suggestions (for windows).

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