last day

the sun is setting in front of me. i’ve taken down the blinds i had put up to soften the light in my office. i’ve boxed up the pottery and travel doo dads that found their way here. i’ve sorted through stacks of paper, filed things away, finished writing documentation. my diplomas and photos are off the wall. drawers have been emptied. i’ve even given away my english ivy.

it’s almost as if i’m waiting for someone from “security” to walk me out. except there is no security and i’m the only one in the office. going about my last few chores to get everything cleaned up for whoever uses this computer and works in this office next.

it’s time to go.



I’ll look forward to following your CA exploits. Good luck in OReilly-world.


A chapter closes…

Hey, if moving space is an issue, I might be able to get you a price for the diplomas…

assuming their genuine of course…

otherwise the price goes down.

Geez, I rushed out of the office at 5:30 so I could buy OS X Tiger, and here I missed an important opportunity to say goodbye to you. Thanks for getting me in the door at MEASURE.

anton, no problem, i was just furiously cleaning things up and finishing the last bits of documentation that i had promised to write. i look forward to hearing about your future travels and experiences for measure.

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