can be used to form topiary

so i have this window in my new office, gets lots of afternoon sun, i thought: time for an office plant. stopped by lowe’s the other day, had no idea what i was doing. i was starting to convince myself that a 6 foot maple would make a terrific officemate before i discovered that the “indoor” plants were kept indoors.

there were some neat looking houseplants, in particular the desert rose and the rubber plant (Ficus elastica), but i was looking for something a bit more…boring. something i wouldn’t have any guilt about killing.

the first (and only?) high light lover i came upon was an ivy plant. seemed like a hardy, not-too-exotic species for starters. and something i might actually notice growing.

ivy in planter

what amazes me is that i’ve had the plants (i got five little ones in a windowbox) in the office for a few days, and i think everyone who comes in recognizes them as ivies.

what i don’t love is this moist soil smell that my office has now taken on.


good luck with your plantlife… i’ve had amazing luck with african violets indoors. they just keep blooming and growing.

oh, and that smell is nice! all “earthy” and stuff.

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