the gloves come off: katie m calls me out as a prescriptivist



Dude, I’ve been working on NOT having my last name associated with my blog. Trying to deter deranged mentally unstable assyrians from coming after me. Whole story on last monday’s post.


do YOU think that you’re being prescriptivist about blogging? I, personally, am a big fan of style manuals as a way to regularize things even if they change yearly, because writing is easier to understand with some regularity of certain conventions. I thought that was what you were trying to do, not tell people what they were “allowed” to do.

i think it was pretty harmless, but at the same time i was trying to be provocative with my “proposed ethics” i think the word “rules” which was really just a reference to what jason, jean, and i called them, rubbed some people the wrong way.
i don’t mean rules as in things that need to be followed, but more standards or unifying principles.


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